Development activity

The legal service for developers includes:

  • drawing up of the reservation contract
  • contract on future contract
  • contract on ownership transfer of dwelling units /garage/ or commercial premises
  • a proposal to deposit into Real Estate Cadastre in appropriate locality
  • statement of the owner – including statement of the owner of the unfinished project

Marketing of the project:

  • drawing up of the marketing plan for concrete project
  • choice of the suitable presentation for the project
  • advertisement on websites of the company , also advertisement on other famous websites for real estate, including printed advertising in magazines REAL CITY, GRAND REALITY and so on
  • drawing up of materials for presentation for each individual project – these materials will be given to the clients as feedback
  • the presentation of the project to potential clients – including a visit of the flat or commercial premises, open days in presentation terms of the project and arrangement with clients in model apartment

Development service includes:

  • we can ensure for you the mediation of financing for your project – the choice of the best kind of financing for concrete project
  • we provide to developers complete service, it means ensuring the choice of suitable locality for built up of the project, sale of the dwelling units, we can evaluate your project, we ensure drawing up of the visualizations, we propose suitable kind of presentation for your project, also we ensure complete legal service – it means drawing up of needed contracts
  • educated real estate brokers will sell your dwelling/housing units or commercial premises
  • our real estate agents personally deal with the potential buyers including legal and financing counseling in dependence on the needs of individual clients
  • they present the project personally to potential buyers and in case of serious interest of the client, they conclude the reservation contract
  • our lawyer deals with clients the contracts on future contract, purchase contracts and provide consultations together with financial counselor
  • the aim is satisfied client – he is offered a complete service – we prefer individual access to each client who is interested in buying
  • to our complete service belongs the drawing up of the statement of owner and dealing with authorities
  • realizing of client changes and complete information about the course of building of project

We are looking forward to cooperation with you. Each project is unique and needs individual access from the beginning. The potential clients will see the project in the way we prepare it. Only successfully made project opens for you the door to other clients and projects.