We ensure you the mortgage precisely tailored, already the second day you will know if you get the mortgage and how much repayments will be, further we ensure the takeover of your mortgage by another client or its refunding.

Mortgage and building saving are on our market offered by a lot of banks or Building savings banks. There are differences between offers of individual institutions and client often uses a lot of energy and tries to choose the best option himself, wasting his time. Our company in cooperation with financial counselors helps you to familiarize. We draw up for you the offers of more banks and together with you we choose the best option of funding.

Nowadays the market is in phase, when the prices of the real estate are falling down and begins the time of “bargains”. Therefore client needs the certainty of prepared funding to be able to immediately react to the bargain on the market. Financial counseling and the choice of the best manner of funding, the client gets free of charge.

Call us if you want to save your time and money, if you search for the maximum comfort and pleasant setting of the company. We are available for you anytime. Our counselors will arrange a meeting with you in our office or they will visit you at your home. It depends on your wishes.

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