The company AMBIENTEN VIP s.r.o would like to welcome you to its unique and original website. It was prepared especially for clients who does not want to present their prestigious real estate on standard real estate servers with hundreds of other real estates, but ask for an suitable way of presentation corresponding to its price relation.

It is intended for all clients who want to exhibit their luxury property on a website that will not only provide a suitable space for presentation to selling clients, but also for the buyer's side, with its graphics but overall concept. In the current hectic times, we often do not have enough time to search for real estate on various real estate servers, so we have created this website for you, on which you can easily find a broker-approved, representative, prestigious original and unique real estate.

We offer property tours and meetings in several languages, but preferably in English, German and Russian. We will also be happy to arrange the preparation of contracts in a foreign language for you.

Our partners are companies that have a strong position in the market and offer all our clients who register with us and subsequently buy a property high-standard service and many advantageous offers. Clients have the opportunity to obtain discount certificates for a selected range of goods at a specific company, in the event that real estate is sold through our company.

Our top architects are fully available for you. We will provide you with a complete reconstruction or construction of your house or apartment with their participation. You will receive from us proposals for the layout of your new interiors, including design proposals for free.

Of course, the settlement of the complete financing required for the purchase of a specific property through our professional financial advisers and the presence of a legal representative at all meetings.

We offer you all services in one building within one meeting, so that all meetings are as comfortable as possible for you.


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