Real estate activities

Within this section we offer:

  • Mediation of the sale and rent of all kinds of luxurious real estate that are mainly family houses, flats, plots, block of flats, commercial real estate – administrative buildings, commercial releases, restaurants, bars, pensions, hotels and others
  • After consultation with you we offer suitable amount of purchase price or amount of the rent
  • We conclude with you the contract on mediation – exclusive or non- exclusive
  • We arrange appropriate graphic design of your offer on the website also into the press connected with massive advertisement
  • Besides the advertisement on internet, your real estate will be presented after the agreement with you also in press especially in magazines GRAND REALITY and REAL CITY
  • We offer you the presentation by leaflet, after the agreement with the seller we can offer other ways of presentation
  • The tours of the real estate will be ensured by professional real agents or personally the company executive in term negotiated with you before. We will keep you updated about the negotiations with the interested party and after the deal with you we will do the selection of the suitable merchant with the maximum effort that the client who pays the reservation blocking was “the right person”
  • Our team of financial counselors and legal service is automatically helpful to the client who is interested in buying a real estate. If it is needed we ensure the drawing up of the contracts in more languages
  • Financial counselor offer you suitable form of funding of the real estate
  • We prepare all contractual documents (reservation agreement, preliminary contract, the purchase agreement, contract on transfer of members rights, lease contract, the proposal to
  • We certainly ensure the needed documentation for sale of your real estate – actual extract from the Land register, pictures of the cadastral map, geometric plan, title deeds and other documents
  • Our company can offer you few possibilities of the storage of money including attorney’s storage, notary’s storage or other types of storages for example bank storage, choice of the suitable option we can consult with you on the personal meeting
  • We are presented at the handover and taking the real estate, we ensure writing of the protocol of handover