Registration to the VIP club

  • Your real estate will be offered in two possible options of presentation and that is public presentation on our real estate server eventually on other websites, which needs you explicit permission or private presentation when the real estate is offered to our internal clients and photos of the real estate are hidden before the public and possibility of seeing them have only proved and registered clients, therefore there will be maximum of privacy during presentation of your real estate and also you
  • You will gain from our partner companies the discount advantages in case, you realize through our company the sale of you property, you have the option to gain designs of interiors free of charge
  • All your real estate are exclusive, it means that they are not offered by other company and all data are proved, the client will be informed at the first meeting with the real agent
  • The buyer can choose, if he/she want to have the tour in Czech, German or English
  • The sale of the real estate the executive head or authorized real agent who has a big practice in real estate branch and it is guaranteed that the real agent without practice will not be responsible for sale
  • Real estate will be always presented on title head of the magazine of course after the permission of owner
  • We ensure complete legal and financial service in one building at prestigious address in newly constructed luxurious company releases
  • The form of presentation o real estate will always be consulted with seller at the first meeting and agreed before, so there will be permission with presentation of photos during offer on
  • We ensure drawing up of tax returns and all expert evidences for real estate transfer tax