5 reasons why to buy a property in Brno


Are you wondering if Brno is proper place to live? You don´t have to anymore. Now we will give you 5 reasons why Brno is a really good choice.

1.LOCATION – it is probably clear that the center of South Moravia is really a pearl among pearls, where to choose your place to live. An unmistakable  wine region with an endless offer of trips for fans of nature, sports, history and gastronomy

2.PIECE OF HISTORY - Brno abounds in many valuable monuments and interesting places that are worth a spectacle. It is definitely worth mentioning Špilberk Castle and its large castle grounds offering a beautiful view of the city, as well as the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, probably the oldest church in Brno from the 12th century. What is hidden in the underground also promises unique experiences, such as the Labyrinth under the Cabbage Market, the Mintmaster's Cellar or the second largest ossuary in Europe.

3.GASTRONOMY - it is said that Brno is experiencing a gastronomic boom, you don't have to be afraid of the need for good food. Due to the size of this city, Brno offers many businesses where they serve you top dishes from around the world.

4.UNIVERSITY CITY - There are several universities in Brno, so students have a lot to choose from. Proof of this is also the fact that 80,000 university students live in the Moravian metropolis every year, which makes up a significant part of the Brno population.

5.BRNO LIVES - whether you love theaters, concerts, exhibitions, galleries or nightlife, everyone will find something here. There is a Moravian gallery, which consists of several buildings crammed with exhibitions of contemporary and historical art, you can go to the theater for major shows in both Janáček and Mahen theater. If you like a nightlife, you can go sightseeing or spend time in one of the restaurants or music clubs.



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