The company Ambienten VIP s.r.o. as part of its real estate activities among other things focuses on the preparation and sale of developer projects. In our portfolio you will find prestigious buildings, in the sale of which we participate, or we have participated in the recent past. Our reference sales and leases, which the company has implemented in recent years, speak for us.

We work very closely with leading Czech and foreign development companies from the very beginning of the project, we help with the selection of the location in which the project will be created, we consult the specific design proposal of architects. Our experience in the field of development projects is invaluable for solving the layout of both residential units and luxury houses themselves.

The dominant feature of our activity then lies in finding a buyer, preparing all the necessary details and ensuring our own sales. Our real estate activities are intended for both developers and buyers of new buildings.

Preparation of the project for sale

Execution of:

  • reservation contract
  • contracts on a future purchase agreement  (term sheets)
  • purchase agreements, trust agreements
  • separate proposal for a deposit in the real estate cadastre
  • declaration of the property owner and establishment of a community of owners
  • selection  of a suitable management company
  • determining the real market price of your project
  • making client changes within the project

Project marketing

Preparation of a marketing plan for a specific project, selection of a suitable project presentation, advertising on the company's website and at the same time on the most famous real estate servers. Advertising in the press is a matter of course, especially in the magazines Real City, Reality Morava and others. We will ensure the preparation of presentation materials for each individual project, which will be provided to clients (preparation of visualizations and virtual tours, architectural interior designs), presentation of the project to potential buyers - tour of apartments or non-residential premises through our real estate specialists, open doors at presented dates and meetings with clients in a model apartment.

We recommend you to arrange a personal meeting with our real estate specialists.


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